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Branded Surveys is a gold mine for anyone looking to make some extra money or to earn some free cash app money at their leisure. If you’re a student or hustler looking for remote side hustles, gear up for this potential savior.

In our previous post, we discussed the best survey apps available in the Surevy markets and how to make money from your phone. Let’s get into a deeper continuation of the previous post with the next superstar in the best apps to make money. 

Before getting into the details, allow me to discuss the information I’ll be sharing in this Branded Surveys review so that you can directly find what you want to know without much fuss.

In this post, we will start with Is Branded Surveys Legit. Then we will proceed to why and how the survey works, and how to make the most of your Branded Surveys Login by understanding the Loyalty Program. 

Are Branded Surveys Legit?

Well, Yes, Branded Surveys is Legit. Formerly known as MintVine, it is a market research company that has been in operation since around 2012. It is based in San Diego, California, and is known for providing users with the opportunity to earn rewards by completing various types of market research, most notably online surveys. 

There are a variety of reasons why these opinions are collected, but that is not your headache. Despite the reasons behind the online surveys, you can use these opportunities as remote side hustles to cross out a simple question: How to make money from your phone? 

But don’t worry. There isn’t anything shady going on here in the background while you’re participating in these online surveys to make some free cash app money. Let me tell you the reasons behind these online surveys and how these make them the best apps to make money. 

Dashboard page of Branded Surveys which is showing the available surveys.

Why Branded Surveys Conduct Surveys?

The primary reason behind online surveys is to gather valuable consumer insights for brands and companies. These insights help businesses understand customer preferences, behavior patterns, spending habits, and trends, which can inform product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions. 

By collecting data from a broad and diverse user base, Branded Surveys help ensure that the feedback is representative and actionable for their clients. 

How do the Surveys Work?

Branded Surveys operates by connecting its users, also referred to as panelists, with surveys that match their demographic profile. When users sign up, they provide information about themselves, such as age, gender, interests, and more. Branded Surveys use this information to match panelists with surveys that are relevant to their profile.

The surveys typically involve a series of questions that users must answer honestly. Once a survey is completed, the user is rewarded with points. The length and complexity of the survey often determine the number of points awarded.

Branded Surveys Allows to Tailor Your Survey Experience

Branded Surveys offers a unique, personalized survey-taking experience. This platform connects people with the most suitable online surveys that match their interests and skills, allowing them to share their opinions and feedback accurately. This way, they can earn money while participating in surveys that they enjoy doing.

This site is celebrated for its loyalty program, which rewards consistent participation. As users climb the ranks, they unlock higher-paying opportunities, making Branded Surveys a rewarding choice for committed survey enthusiasts.

My Points page on Branded Surveys showing the available points gained from the Surveys taken.

How does the Reward System of Branded Surveys work?

The points earned from completing surveys can be redeemed for various rewards. Branded Surveys offers payment through methods such as PayPal, Branded Pay (a bank transfer option available to U.S. residents), and gift cards to popular retailers. 

The points system is straightforward, where a certain number of points equates to a dollar value. Once users reach a certain points threshold, they can cash out their earnings.

Branded Surveys Login and Stages of Participation

Like all the apps and sites we come across on the internet, to become a member of these surveys and participate, there are some steps involved, which are regulatory. Let’s go through them one by one to make the best out of the best apps to make money online. 

Sign-Up: Users need to create an account and fill out their profile with demographic details.

Branded Surveys Login: Once the users are through the sign-up process by answering some basic questions about themselves, you get to finish the account set-up. 

Survey Matching: Based on the profile, users receive survey invitations that suit their demographics.

Survey Taking: Users can participate in these surveys by providing their opinions and feedback. Remember, there aren’t right or wrong answers while you’re providing your opinions. So you need to answer honestly what you feel about the question without having to stress much. Even the incorrect answers will also grant you points. 

Point Accumulation: After completing surveys, users earn points as compensation for their time.

Rewards Redemption: When users accumulate enough points, they can redeem them for cash or other rewards. There are many options to cash out your free cash app money earned through the surveys. Payment options provided by Branded Surveys include PayPal, gift cards from popular retailers, and Branded Pay, which is a bank transfer option available only to U.S. residents. 

Loyalty Program: Branded Surveys also has a tiered loyalty program that rewards users for frequent participation. Users can achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold status, which unlocks additional bonuses and higher-paying survey opportunities. We will discuss this loyalty program in depth in our next section and how to achieve the status to make the most of your screen time and earn more rewards. 

How Does the Branded Surveys Loyalty Program Work?

The loyalty program at Branded Surveys is designed to incentivize and reward active users for their consistent participation in surveys. This tiered program encourages long-term engagement by enhancing the benefits as users advance through different levels. Below, we have an in-depth analysis of each tier and what it offers. 

Bronze Tier:

Entry-Level: All new members of Branded Surveys start at the Bronze tier upon registration.

Basic Access: Users have access to a standard number of surveys and the regular point payout for each survey completed.

Initial Bonuses: Bronze members may receive a welcome bonus or introductory points for completing their initial batch of surveys.

Silver Tier:

Mid-Level Status: Users can upgrade to Silver after earning a certain number of points or completing a set number of surveys.

Increased Survey Availability: At this level, members typically see more survey opportunities as they’ve demonstrated reliability and consistency.

Bonus Points: Silver members might receive bonus points for reaching this tier, boosting their overall earnings.

Partner Bonuses: They may also gain access to special offers and bonuses from Branded Surveys’ partners, adding more value to the user experience.

Gold Tier:

Top-Level Status: The highest tier in the loyalty program is Gold. Achieving this status requires the most points and consistent activity over time.

Highest Payouts: Gold members enjoy the highest point payouts per survey, maximizing earning potential.

Exclusive Surveys: Access to exclusive, high-paying surveys not available to lower tiers may be offered, giving Gold members the first pick on lucrative opportunities.

Fast Track Service: Enhanced customer service, including quicker response times and issue resolution, may be available to Gold members.

Additional Rewards: Other rewards, such as increased referral bonuses or annual loyalty bonuses, are potential perks for maintaining Gold status.

Loyalty Program page on Branded Surveys depicting the three tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold stages, along with their benefits.

Progression and Mechanics:

Point Thresholds: Progression to higher tiers is typically determined by crossing point thresholds, which are clearly outlined by Branded Surveys.

Activity Requirements: Keeping an active status is essential; members may need to complete a certain number of surveys within a timeframe to maintain or advance their tier.

Bonus Challenges: Occasionally, they may offer challenges or tasks that, when completed, can expedite the user’s progress through the loyalty tiers.

Advantages of the Loyalty Program:

Motivation for Users: The program motivates users to stay active on the platform, ensuring a steady stream of survey data for thier clients.

User Retention: By offering tangible rewards for loyalty, Branded Surveys increase user retention and decrease turnover.

Quality Data: Frequent survey takers are likely to provide higher quality data as they become more experienced and engaged with the survey content.

This loyalty program is structured to incentivize ongoing participation and can increase the earning potential for active users. It’s one of the reasons why this survey site has remained a popular platform for those looking to earn money through online surveys. In the upcoming section, let us know how to cash out your points earned. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Cashing Out

1. Accumulate Points:

Complete surveys to accumulate points. Each survey has a specified point value, which is credited to your account upon successful completion.

2. Reach the Minimum Threshold:

You need to reach the minimum threshold to cash out. Branded Surveys usually set this at a certain point level, which equates to a specific dollar amount.

3. Access the Redemption Area:

Once you have enough points, you can go to the account dashboard and access the redemption or rewards section.

4. Choose Your Payment Method:

Branded Surveys typically offer several payment methods:

PayPal: For users who prefer cash, PayPal is a common option. You’ll need a valid PayPal account linked to the same email address as your Branded Surveys account.

Branded Pay: This is Branded Surveys’ bank transfer system available to U.S residents, which directly deposits your earnings into your bank account.

Gift Cards: You can also opt for gift cards from popular retailers, which can be a great way to spend your earnings on shopping or services.

5. Verify Your Account (if required):

For security reasons, Branded Surveys may require you to verify your account before the first cashout. This process can include confirming your email address or completing an identity verification.

6. Process the Cash Out:

After selecting your payment method, process the cash-out. The points will then be deducted from your Branded Surveys account balance.

7. Receive Your Earnings:

The time it takes to receive your earnings can vary:

PayPal payments might be instant or take a few days.

Bank transfers via Branded Pay may take several business days.

Gift Cards are usually delivered via email and can take a few hours to a couple of days to arrive.

My Payout page on Branded Surveys shows the current cash balance available for payout.

Things to Keep in Mind while cashing out 

Transaction Times: Weekend or holiday cash-outs may result in longer waiting times due to non-business days.

Account Activity: Inactive accounts might face delays or additional verification steps when cashing out.

Fees: Be aware of any potential costs associated with your chosen payment method. 


1. How do I get started with Branded Surveys?

Simply head to the Branded Surveys login page, sign up with your email, or connect using a social media account to begin.

2. Can I earn real money with Branded Surveys?

Yes, Branded Surveys is a legit way to earn free cash app money. Complete surveys, accumulate points and redeem them for cash or gift cards.

3. What makes Branded Surveys one of the best survey apps?

Branded Surveys matches you with surveys that fit your profile, has a straightforward cash-out process, and offers a loyalty program, ranking it high among the best survey apps.

4. Are Branded Surveys a good option for remote side hustles?

Absolutely, Branded Surveys can be a great remote side hustle. It’s flexible and allows you to earn extra income from anywhere, anytime.

5. Where can I find honest Branded Surveys review?

Look for Branded Surveys review on reputable review sites or forums to see other users’ experiences and insights. Many users and bloggers have shared some great information regarding the Branded Surveys review on their pages.


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